Our Home for Festivals

The Awen Family Tent is an all inclusive festival or event stage for late night celebrations and side stage entertainment. We offer an experience to dig deeper into what it means to be human and alive in the here and now. A place where we can celebrate, dance and party while being educated about music from different cultures, different types of instruments, thoughts and questions that make us ponder about the endless possibillities of creation and gratitude for the smallest blessings. 

Setup includes:

Tent, Stage, Full PA system, Decorations and Even Bands! 

Tent Specs

Tent Sizes: 10x10, 20x20, 20x30, 30x30

Full Stage and lights included

Full QSC Sound System with 16 track Midas Multitracking

Art installations in and around the tent

Bands Involved and that we Love

Reliably Bad

Funk/Soul- Greensboro, NC

A group of cats who want to make your booty shake. … and they will.



Chaos funk - mountains o north cackalack

TUB is a collection of musicians from the mountains of Western North Carolina defined by a dedication to dynamic, eloquent, and adventurous improvisation. With backgrounds and influences from jazz, metal, hip hop and country, TUB is able to connect with a wide variety of listeners by bringing them into the shared navigation of uncharted sonic territory.


The Moon Unit

Atomic Beam Sunblast Funk

The Moon Unit combines crisp riffs with climactic grooves, allowing all the ability to get down whilst experiencing funking sonic amusement. Come through