Who is Awen Family Band?

Awen Family Band is a nationally touring world boogie collective founded by Tim Husk in June of 2019 that has featured members of Toubab Krewe, Dr. Bacon, Firewater Tent Revival, Reliably Bad, Self-Help, Big Something, Freeway Revival, Wigeon, Custard Pie, TUB, The Fundamentals, Road Soda, Frute and more, offering an immersive musical back to Earth experience, a space to commune with our roots and reconnect to the source. We believe in letting the music and moment flow freely without force, guiding us towards transcendence, deeper understanding and gratitude for all the blessings of life. Every Awen Family Band show is an ever changing collection of musicians that share the same understanding that we are just vessels for the great spirit and energy to flow through us, to hear the song in life around us and bring it into the physical plane to share with everyone. Every musician leaves their special touch on the Awen Family songbook, offering a new perspective and limitless possibilities. 

Building Community, Expanding Circles, Spreading Love


Upcoming Awen Family Band Shows

NOV. 22 - Blueberry Patch - Gulfport, FL

DEC. 10 - Swamp Fox Revival - Ormond Beach, FL

DEC. 23 - Awen Family Festivus at Mocama Beer Co. - Fernandina Beach, FL

DEC. 30 - No Resolutions - Branford, FL

DEC. 31 - Awen Family New Year's Celebration at JM's Place Pub - Surf City, NC

JAN. 6 - Martin's Downtown - Roanoke, VA

JAN. 7 - The Whiskey - Charlottesville, VA

JAN 8 - Pro Re Nata Brewing - Crozet, VA

FEB. 25 - JM's Place Pub - Surf City, NC

FEB. 26 - 10th Street Pub and Grill - Surf City, NC


Past Performances

Maddox Ranch Medicine Show - Lakeland, FL (+ Main Stage Production)

O-Fest - Fayetteville, WV

Malabackyard Festival - Malabar, FL

3 Days of Deads and Heads - Branford, FL

Micropile Festival - Snow Camp, NC (+ Late Night Awen Stage)

Hester Farm Medicine Show - Savannah, GA (+ Main Stage Production)

Gulf Coast Swamp Hippie Medicine Show - Ocean Springs, MS (+ Production)

2.O Fest - Summerfield, NC

Golden Grove  Summer Boogie Campout - Pickens, SC

The Smokedown Festival 2018 - Snow Camp, NC

The Smokedown Festival 2019 - Snow Camp, NC (+ Late Night Awen Stage)

Heap Festival - Snow Camp, NC (+ Late Night Awen Stage)

Funk You 2020 Fest - Melbourne, FL

Frutopia - Blue Ridge, GA

King's - Raleigh, NC

One World Brewing West - Asheville, NC

Wahoo's - Greensboro, NC (2 Night Runs)

Chimney Corner - Amsted, WV

Spring Daze Festival - Bowling Green, VA (+ Production)

Fog Fest - Savannah, GA (+ Production)

The Shack Riverfront - Palm Bay, FL

Pour House Music Hall - Raleigh, NC

The Lamplighter - Tifton, GA

Steady Hand Beer Co. - Atlanta, GA

The Fox's Lair - Augusta, GA

Martin's Downtown - Roanoke, VA

Eden Hill - Boone, NC

The TApp Room - Boone, NC

The Boardroom - Hilton Head, SC

Pawley's Island Tavern - Pawley's Island, SC

Living Arts Collective - Durham, NC

Pisces Bash at the Farm - Ormond Beach, FL

Danksgiving Festival - Fort White, FL


Musicians who have played in Awen Family Band:

Justin Perkins - Toubab Krewe

Casey Cranford - Big Something

Jackson Weldon - Royal Horses, Dr. Bacon, Black Water Brass, Rosco Bandana

Micheal Crawford - Dr. Bacon

Ben New - Dr. Bacon, Metaphonia

Myles Dunder - Dr. Bacon

Matt Laird - Reliably Bad, Charlie Hunter, The Fundamentals, Halo Trio

Zac Covington - Reliably Bad, William Hinson, The Fundamentals

Colin Moser - Reliably Bad, The Walbournes, The Fundamentals

Kurt Stracener - The Moon Unit, Halo Trio

Paul Benner - Cosmic Superheroes

Daniel Combs - TUB, Self Help, Jahman Brahman

Ranford Almond

Taha Arif

Patrick Lydon - FRUTE, Alo Ver

Jeff Hoff - Firewater Tent Revival

Aaron Webb - Wigeon, Firewater Tent Revival, Custard Pie

Brandon Howell - Wigeon, Firewater Tent Revival, Custard Pie

Chase Holliday - Road Soda

John Colby Elswick - The Kind Thieves

Brian Cantley - The Kind Thieves 

David Murray - Self-Help / TUB